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Hey all of you! I'm currenly a high school junior, and I'm really interested in the field of engineering (chemical and biomedical engineering to be exact) and I've always been interested in MIT, because, of course, MIT is only THE BEST engineering school out there lol. But I've come to the conclusion, that I shouldn't even bother applying, because MIT looks for well rounded students and all, and even though my grades are pretty decent, my SAT scores are over 700 in each section, and I'm Hispanic (affirmative action :]), I have absolutely NO extracurriculum (sp) activities...(there are kinda reasons for that, but lets not get into that..) So yeah, until a few days ago, I got a letter from the one and only...MIT!!!! the type of letter that you get after taking the PSAT and such, that got me really excited, because that kind of gave me some hope that there is still some hope that I'll actually get into a good school and such. lol. But yeah, this post was kinda point less, but I just had to get that out there. :)
Just wondering if you guys think that it's worth for me to apply there?
And also,
I've also received letters from Columbia University The Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science, Penn Engineering, and Drexel.
(Honestly I don't think myself worthy of any of these schools)
And since you guys already been through the research and applying process for engineering, I wanted to know if you guys have any advice and opinions on good engineering schools. Since I have not started doing the research, all I have in my head are the basic stereotypes of good schools (like Ive Leagues)that's why I've only mentioned the names of schools that I've received letters from that I consider good. I have a stack of letters of colleges that I've never heard of in my life, and I'm afraid of throwing them out, and have one of them be from a good engineering school. My high school is currently in winter break, and such, but as soon as school starts I'm going to step up my research game and all lol.
Wow that was was long, lol thanks for reading :)
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